Improving Your Phone’s Battery Life

There’s a good chance that your mobile device is one of the things you use most throughout the day. We play games on them, we talk to our friends with them, we get directions from them, and we communicate with work on them. These devices offer us so much that many of us are on them all day. All of these great features unfortunately will not work however if your battery is dead. And if you are using your mobile device as much as us, then your battery is probably dying rather quickly. A dead battery keeps you from doing all the great things your phone as to offer, and can be a real inconvenience. While we can’t make your battery last forever, we can at least offer you some tips on how to get it to last longer.

The biggest culprit when it comes to stealing your battery life is the screen. Having the screen on a lot is the quickest way to drain your phone’s battery. And the brighter the screen is, the faster it will drain. So if you are watching a movie, or even reading a book, on your device, the battery will drain faster than if it is sitting in your pocket. This isn’t because your e-reader is draining all of the battery, it’s because of the screen. The combat this, try turning the brightness down on your device. The darker you can set the screen, while still having it remain comfortable for your eyes, the better. Secondly, make sure your screen is off whenever you are not using it. You can set the timeout to something shorter to ensure that your screen goes off quickly whenever it is not in use. By doing something small like this you can actually save a lot of battery.

The second biggest factor when it comes to battery life is your internet connection. There are two scenarios that can drain your battery very quickly. The first, if you are connected to a mobile network and using a lot of data. For instance, if you are streaming a movie or downloading a large file while on the go. Having your phone download so much information from the mobile network will cause your battery to drop faster than normal. To avoid this, connect to a free WiFi network whenever possible. WiFi is usually faster than your mobile network, so the download will complete quicker and save you battery. The second scenario also concerns WiFi. If you have your phone’s WiFi set to ON, but you are not near any networks you can connect to, the battery will drain. Your phone will continue to look for a network to connect to until it finds one, and this will drain battery. Turn off your WiFi whenever you know you won’t be near a network. The same goes for Bluetooth and GPS – only turn it on when you plan on using it, or the battery will drain.

Lastly, if you have many apps running on your device at once, your battery will quickly lose power. Just because you have switched out of an app does not mean that it closed all the way. Your phone could be running a lot of apps in the background and you would have no idea. These apps will drain your battery even though you are not actively using them. Each device is different, but most have a way for you to see which programs are still running on your device. You can then go through and close the ones you are no longer using.

We hope these few tips will help you to extend your battery life a little longer. With the things mentioned above you may find that your phone reaches the end of the day with a little more juice left. Just remember to be conscience of what you are doing with your phone and what actions it is currently performing. By monitoring your device you can take better steps towards reducing battery drain.